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Ngaka Maleke Matshingwne has his own practice and surgery in Tafelkop Ga-Matsepe Boleu. He graduated in 2002 and started practicing as a traditional health practitioner, after completing his studies and research in various countries to determine the most effective way of healing and securing one's possessions.

The traditional African way does not need directives and man's power, all that is needed is using our muti to heal and protect.

Ngaka Maleke Matshingwane already has six (6) graduate students. Since he started his own practice, he has continued teaching traditional healing to produce more healers as instructed by ancestors.

Ngaka Matshingwane was destined to become a traditional healer. He comes from a traditional family with a strong inclination towards African spirituality. As a result of his ancestoral calling he was not able to complete his tertiary education. Ngaka Matshingwane was also advised by his late grandfather (Maushe Sethibe Methews Matshingwane) to continue his spiritual healing training.